ALFAB Mfg Ltd: The Original Single Aluminum Snowmobile Deck Manufacturer in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Located in the beautiful, all-season recreation city of Nelson, British Columbia, ALFAB Mfg Ltd. manufactures aluminum products for all your truck, RV, snowmobile and ATV needs.

Family owned and operated since 2001, we strive to offer you the personalized service you deserve. Using high-grade aluminum and skilled craftsmanship, we are committed to keeping our prices affordable and trust that hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers recommend ALFAB Mfg Ltd. for our superior aluminum products and services.

We look forward to helping you find the right aluminum product for your truck, RV,  snowmobile or ATV.

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Custom Designs

As a specialty manufacturer, we know that all truck needs are different. We are happy to discuss custom designs or other specialty items you may need. Call us today for a price quote.

Aluminum Products

Truck Racks and Rails

Dry Boxes

Single Snowmobile Decks

Contractor Racks

Canopy Racks

Custom Designs



Aluminum Welding and Repair


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